About Our Standards

Academic standards guide the development of the curriculum. The teaching and learning activities within the classrooms are designed to address the standards. The standards set benchmarks for the skills and knowledge the students seek to master at each grade level. Our Catholic faith and especially Catholic social teaching also guide the development of our curriculum across the subjects.

In addition to the traditional academic subjects and religion we incorporate physical education, music and art into the curriculum. In these subjects we draw on California Standards where appropriate.

Diocese of Orange Religion Standards- Define knowledge, practice and prayers for each grade level

National Common Core English Language Arts Standards - Define skills needed for effective communication and strategies to access informational and fiction texts. (They do not dictate what books are read)

National Common Core Math Standards- Define the skills, understanding and knowledge students need to be literate in mathematics and to apply math to real world problems

Next Generation Science Standards- Introduce both the Scientific Method and Engineering Design defining task students should be able to do when applying what they learn.

California Social Studies Standards - Define the content knowledge for each grade

English Language Arts for History and Science Standards - Define for grades 6-8 the technical writing and communication skills required for these subjects